The World to Sizouze is a collection of short stories, poems and ideas of various content, an OPEN-THEME kind of literature.

Genres raging from optimistic moods and tearful circumstances to torrid scenarios and disturbing content.
You have been warned. The author will not be liable for any discomfort you feel thereafter.
Otherwise he wants you to enjoy and experience a different perspective of things through his stories.

Disclaimer: All content are fictional and any resemblance to a person – living or otherwise, – or events are purely coincidental.


Messo Sizouze [Si-zo-se] is a pseudonym of the writer behind this tiny carnival place of writing and creative ventilation. He appreciates all forms of art, a graduate of loving crafts and nature and believes that his head has too much concepts he needs to “write out” unless he’ll flip and chase cars at random.

Sizouze spends most of his time getting inspired from the simplest things. And when not in writing, he draws. And when not drawing, he goes out to see the world. And conquers it. Or at least he tries to. Though he’d rather create a world where he could invite you to live with him.



  1. Hello. I found this page looking for the name “Sizouze”. Where did you find that pronunciation?.Thanks in advance!

    • Hi. Actually I’m unsure myself if I’m pronouncing “Sizouze” correctly. But I personally wrote it in such a way how I want it to be pronounced.

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