The oath came to fruition, as I stand by your side against the tempest up ahead. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, wouldn’t be just a mere companionship between you and me. Despite the would-be hurdles, I knew I have loved you enough to brave it all.

Perhaps it was meant, the you and the me of this lifetime to be. To cast away everything to be yours. My life literally on your hands. The fear did not cripple me. Doubt was not even part of the equation. Because as my life was held by your hands, I held you in my arms in return.

You and I were bounded to be. Whether I was seen standing next to you or that I took in all your gasps and moans inside our room. To everyone who thought our togetherness was shallow, to us it was an anchor. We needed to be. Because if one of us weren’t here, no one would be able make it to be where we were now.

I have loved you this lifetime and perhaps one lifetime was not enough. I have loved you even before we knew each other’s existences. I have loved you previously, where you and I were of different species, race and culture, gender or otherwise. Your body of this lifetime felt so good and familiar. The expanse of skin, every crevices and contours, even the breathing you tried to control as I took you even further were all too natural. Like my hands were made to remember how it knew to make you undone: raw, covered in moist and unbearably sensual.

The future awaits you and me. No storm stronger, darker and harsher than the one we were heading straight to at. And I’d make sure to hold your hand close to mine, to make sure you knew that I was here.

Because when you decide to jump, so would I.


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