No one would believe how we are alike.

It just so happened we are biologically different.

You and me, a lady and I. And yet this bond between us transcended to a more stranger turn, an affinity far from truth. While you and I are two separate beings, how is it that we both think and decide the same.

I noticed this similarity back in college, when you and I were classmates of the same major. Neither excelling or failing, we both braze through our studies with same scores and averages. Passing our requirements on the same day (coincidentally, that was) with the same content and idea made you and me sit through the administration’s office. We were questioned both and we really explained that none of us copied the another. There were far too many coincidence to recall — you and I were too alike on anything.

At some point I considered you my rival. A hurdle to overcome. I did plan to be victorious in the end, that after this academic phase with you it’d be over and done. I would never have to see you again, or hear your voice that spoke the same opinions I quietly hold. You were a mirror of sort that I couldn’t wait to get away from.

But as fate would have had it, inside this quiet cafe I recently frequented after work hours, you sat where I’d personally choose: by the window, overlooking the road and the busy folk. When our eyes met after 4 years I knew something clicked in my head. It was a jolt that felt like reminder that I knew this feeling all too well. I was seeing you for the first time in a while but it didn’t feel like we parted that long.

And you stared back, surprised, like you felt the same… with that pasta hanging from your mouth.

It was kind of cute.

Thus begun our conversation and from then on our companionship. Just when I thought I only met you in this lifetime, I might have probably met you previously elsewhere. On a different timeline, on a different existence, under the same blue skies.



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