Knightly Pursuit – Prologue

Knightly Pursuit
Rating/Theme: PG-13/Period Setting, Romance, Gay (Lesbian)

She supposed she was already used to the whirlwind changes of her life. Nothing was constant around her and she grew up understanding that. Emerald had a family and now she didn’t. She was sure she was doing the jumping and merriment of the circus and now she didn’t. She promised to stay away from trouble and now she was right in the middle of it. These events steeled her heart and resolve to take back what was rightfully hers — that corsage. What she didn’t prepare for was being pulled into the Brave Rounds who protected Neira.

Neira was a willful one. A princess by birth but a rebel by heart. She behaved a huge contrast from her supposed role: everyday trips to downtown, shorter dresses and stealing food before dinner? None of which matched to be princess-like and Emerald thought that that itself was rather… different. A good kind of different in comparison with the strict, uptight and stern monarchy. Neira was… a breathe of fresh air. And Emerald couldn’t deny that. After all it was Neira who made Emerald her own personal knight. Clearly Emerald still didn’t understand how Neira’s mind worked despite the time being together.

A woman… protecting another woman? The uproar about it was a gossip for a week. The now deemed Knight kept a poker face as quiet whispers among the maids were exchanged as she passed by. Emerald didn’t mind at all — all she could think of was the item she sought of and the opportunity of when to get it. Inside this suffocating castle was no home as the young knight remembered her family back the carnival tent. In a little while, soon enough, she thought determinedly as she strode down the wide hallway.

And yet while she juggled to have two identities and trying to keep up wearing masks in front of these unsuspecting Royalties, being with Neira and her unpredictable presence… Emerald wasn’t so sure anymore if she could remain collected. Not when Neira looked at her like that.

There was no secret, not even the slightest effort of hiding it: Emerald felt Neira liked her and the gestures were turning obvious and the knight was no dense one. But… she didn’t know what to do.

Emerald de Cirque & NEIRA, Knightly Pursuit: an original story by Messo Sizouze
July 2014


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