Music Challenge Collection II

Song: Honey
Artist: V6

The music started upbeat, fast. My heart thumped with the bass as I danced on stage and smiled towards my audience. My first performance on stage. On my own, just me. I didn’t know how I could do pulling off singing and dancing while reciting this poetry in my head. I knew I was grinning ear to ear; my chest was tight as the rush of inhaling-exhaling caught me up. This adrenaline that made me feel so alive – I was never this aware how hot my sweat was sliding down my face, or how the mic felt so good against my palm. Since the start of the song, I smiled and I laughed. Straight from my heart and soul.

This is to hope that I was able to convey how ecstatic I was feeling. And to hope this dream-turned-reality would stretch on.

Song: DuDiDuwa*Lalala

Her tiny feet scurried with the music and pattern. Arms stretched up and then down low. She tried to follow the steps but her fellow ballerinas-to-be were fast to their own pace. She was trying to follow them but she was always one-two-three seconds slower than her friends. Her pink tutu followed as she made a turn and bow… to run to her next dance pattern.

While she thought she needed to quicken her movement, she caught a glimpse of her mother watching her; hands clasped together and face bright looking at her. It made the young ballerina puff her small chest with a tiny pride that her mother was watching her recital so attentively.

She probably didn’t need to follow her fellow ballerinas-to-be. How she did it was enough to make her own mother proud.

Song: Kyou Kara Asu He
Artist: Matsuzuwa Yumi

The touch of the sunlight as it was setting was like a gentle caress to his face. More and more he couldn’t get enough watching the sun disappearing from the horizon. Everyday was a routine to see and feel it as he rode down the slope from his work to his home. It made him reminisce the good times with his childhood friends, or the delicious meals his mother made from him. Nothing was the same anymore at his home, at this new town he found himself settling in, but the setting sun was the same comforting light that made feel like it was okay to be alone.


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