How It Began

Title: How It Began

You might have come across the details, read the posts and saw the photos. It was an attraction at first sight. It happened online and yet to meet her for real one day. At one point you were satisfied just knowing how her week went, or what she got from her latest buys and foods she tried. Sometimes her posts were sad and depressing, it was enough to feel her pain as you read on paragraph per paragraph. Finally you had the courage to message her. Word of encouragement was exchanged. She was not shy with a stranger like you because you made sure your words and messages were sincere and honest.

That was a start of real friendship. She finally knew you existed.

It surprised you more and more, how she was more than what she wrote on her blog. Her quirks, her interests, her wishes and her aims. You shared yours too, the bond formed and deepened as naturally as breathing; belatedly realizing months had passed after you first messaged her with a shy Hello. She was by far the most interesting person you met on the internet and then in real life — beyond the confines of her blogs and posts she wrote.

But then that one latest post on her blog caught you off-guard — unprepared to realize that something was occurring without you knowing: she wrote about love, falling and feeling loss at what to do. The nameless person was described as wonderful and beautiful and elusive for her. She felt small and shy and inconfident. And you just want to shake her and yell that she was everything perfect the way she was.

You liked her. And you fell in love with her more after meeting her. There was no way no person was unlucky to have her. Could you have the strength to tell her that yourself? Even after reading that blog post, it burned you to and not to confess. Which was which, you were so unsure. In your heart you didn’t want to ruin the good thing you have with her — that commitment and intimacy that bore from the first message until now. But then what if there was a chance to be more with her? Other than friendship,  you and her together…

With a steeled resolved you mustered for a week after she made that post, you said her name while she sipped on her favorite drink. Today, inside the cafe you and her always hang out with her attention fully on you, you began a stuttering, “I wanted you to know that…”

You knew it was now or never.


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