Beyond Horizon

Beyond Horizon

The pace I’m taking with the sights I see and the sounds I hear,
right in front of me is neither reflected by the high sun,
nor does it have color and aromatic smell of the present.
There lies the a blurred path to the unknown.
No shadows, no silhouettes. It just exists because I do.
The steps I take, the routes I decide on,
it shall lead me to the unknown.

The thought rouses the burn inside my heart,
enough to freeze me where I am.
Shall I continue on, or shall I halt and watch as the wind ride ahead of me?
The horizon of the unimagined. Shall you be kind to a stranger like me?
Only to move forward is the option. Behind me cradled the frail heart,
kept the soul comforted. And yet the heart and soul yearn for true passion.
True happiness, true tears and efforts. True dreams and true keeps.
And it might be there, where the path disappears with the fog of the unspoken.

What are you, I wonder. What are you that is meant for me.



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