First Longest Night

Title: First Longest Night
Rating/Theme: NC-17/Homoerotic, Gay, Lesbian

Had I not been curious to know how it felt like, I probably wouldn’t find myself being taken by the hand by a beautiful stranger. A woman. Mature, fully body and possibly a lot older than I was. The thought of what was about to happen next made my throat dry and my heart beat loudly than I could ever take. Was this it? My first with another— with the lady who chuckled at my flushed face and timid behavior. She said I was cute. She said she was in the mood. She said she’d teach me and make me feel wonderful things.

Who was I to refuse to softly-looking skin and volume-curled tresses? Her beauty was amplified by the street lights that shone her hazel eyes. Her dress was tight and flattering. It made her breast bigger, her legs taunting. When I think about running my shaky hands (and pray tell they wouldn’t be THAT shaky) over those acre of skins, it made me hot. I never felt this ache before. It was consuming me. I was thirsty and she was the drink I couldn’t wait to taste.

It had been Fate who played with me; it brought me a stranger who didn’t laugh when I said I wanted to feel loved tonight because I was lonely. My job had drained me to the bone. My ex somehow raided my apartment and tossed things all over the place to spite me. I had rents to pay and bills to think about. Would my current money suffice these necessities? I couldn’t remember the last time I was happy and worry-free. Everyday was a mess and it wore me out – mind, body and heart.

And then I found myself inside a bar. As if drinking would help me solve all these things. I didn’t want to be alone, I was sure. The club music danced in my head as I downed drinks in one go. Things got hazy and slow but I wasn’t too off to feel curious eyes on me.

She was looking at me. A fine, tall lady. Her smile was brighter than any club lights that was there. Soon she came closer and we started talking trivial things. She was friendly and I was inhibited. It wasn’t too long until I admitted I needed to feel loved tonight.

I was embarrassed to admit it, especially to someone like her who seemed mature and disinterested with doing something intimate the same gender. My face was hot and red over the realization of what I just said but she laughed it off next. She leaned nearer to my ear, whispering words I wasn’t expecting to hear.

“Then let me love you tonight.”

I almost fell off the chair I was sitting. “Wha–”

Her mouth was cold to the shells of my ear, making me shiver as she continued, “I like cute girls like you. How about it? Let me make it worth your time.”

Before I knew it we were out the club, hands clasped together and my heart running a marathon as I watched her at the corner of my eye. She was taking me to an unknown place. And I frankly speaking, it both scared and excited me at the same time.

My nervousness was probably evident, when she stopped kissing me and looked at me with much amusement.

“Am I your first woman experience?”

“Kind of… yeah.”

Her caring hand was on my cheek and her thumb glided on my swollen lips. We had been kissing for a good amount of minutes and it made my head more hazy than the drink I had did. She was good. She tasted good. Her mouth was soft, moist and so experienced. I felt like I was kissing the first time again.

“Then I’ll be even more gentle.”

And then the same hand that cradled my face fondled my breast — squeezed and kneaded. I closed my eyes to feel more of her touches and the mouth that descendent on my neck to my collar bone. She was mouthing sweet nothings on my hot skin while massaging my chest. It turned me on so much that I found my hand cradling her head to guide them to where she was busy touching. She got the hint and unbuttoned my top with much breeze. It wasn’t long until she was pressing her face against the slope of my breasts. Her tongue wedge against my cleavage and I was making sounds of grunts and delighted “ah’s~”

Her mouth was having too much fun on my chest before pulling down my laced bra: kissing the skin before taking a nipple to lick and suckle on them like they were candies. The tip was taut and tight and she worked on me like she knew what turned me on. And I knew I was reacting deliciously if the moist sensation on my underwear weren’t obvious indicators. She was making me wet.

“I guess you like your boobs being played at, huh?”

I was reclining to the couch and trying to calm the tingling sensation that was zapping through my entire body. It didn’t work. She was hovering over me with a very sexy smirk and I suddenly noticed just how sensuous and provocative she looked right now. She was confident and I was ready to succumbed to her touches and to her. I wanted her. I wanted her so bad right now. I wanted to mouth her all over.

But she was ahead of me already, kissing me full in the lips that our tongues tied and danced and our salivas mixed together in a wondrous sounds and smacks. Her breast rubbed to my naked mine; the textured brassiere heightened the sensation to my erected tips. While we kissed in fervent passion and concentration, I missed to notice her one hand cruising from my breast, to my navel and down to my skirt. She hiked the cloth up to palm my wet panty. And that finally made me gasp. Our mouths parted with a thin line of juice between us.

“I— I….”

I was at loss to the sensation, especially to the ache that increased ten folds. She knew what I was trying to say and continued to finger me through the fabric. The patch of moist was growing and her rubbing hastened. My body was arching up; my breathing labored and heart was almost ready to explode. My head was already somewhere away from rationality.

And before I could prepare myself for the next, she lowered herself to where my core was and kissed me through my panties. Her mouth.. her face.. down there.

“W-wait… y-y-you don’t have to– ah~~”

Kissing turned to biting turned to licking. I was thrashing on the couch while she was doing her magic on me like she was accustomed to it. It made wonder if she already did something like this to the same gender because she was good… but the idea was dismissed entirely when she revealed my core by pulling my panty to one side and her tongue made contact to real skin.

The gasp I did, followed by a pleasured moan sounded musical. She probably liked the music I made and continued on flicking her tongue over my sensitive spots. I had never felt this before. I honestly never knew I could feel this way too. And I wanted more.

I needed to have more. Of her. Of this.

It was longest night I had.

And I wished the night didn’t end so quickly.



  1. Great story, I particularly enjoyed the initial distance between the two characters. Perhaps the distance and the foreign nature of what was occurring for the main character could have tied in closer but overall I thought it was a very good and honest piece of writing

    • Thank you. I thought of expanding it more and bringing a more closer look their blooming relationship? But then somehow I got stuck in a rut and that was that. *laughs* Thank you.

      • I know what you mean, sometimes when writing we can get too excited by a tangent we have digressed into and forget the whole point we had for our story when we first set out to write it. I do it all the time, it can be frustrating but it’s part of what makes creative writing so enjoyable.

      • I think I was more into “writing whatever” — aka a bit nonsensical. Because when I do write something of depth, I tend to perfect it even before I write. And I end up not even beginning at all because it’s still not “perfect” in my head. I really really missed that time that I just write on and on. I’m trying to get back on it now.

        Do you write too, Miss Carwyn? Is it alright for me to look at them? For… inspirations. 🙂

      • Yes I have one of my short stories on my blog. Iy’s called The Dinner Party

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