Mayhem Under The Sheets

Title: Mayhem Under The Sheets (AKA Will and Leo’s First Time)
Rating/Theme: NC-17/Homoerotic, BL, Gay

The knob sounded and the door opened and there was Will and his foggy glasses, donning only a fluffy bathrobe that Leo almost drooled at. Will’s silky black hair was damp, so was his skin. Leo could never miss to see a few of the hair standing on those cold arms. They won’t be cold any longer, the Mafioso thought hot and excitedly.

Inside this hotel room had a king-size bed, a great view of metropolis and warm yellow lights for a romantic mood. Or at least that was the impression Leo had as his focused eyes followed the young council president — walking towards the table to drink water from a fancy glass. It looked like the younger one was preparing himself. So was Leo, who shifting his position on the bed and waiting.

Tonight would be a passionate night of love and pleasure, he thought oh-so giddily.

Though Leo didn’t imagine being in this situation so soon actually. He did imagine a few times before of touching Will, making him feel good, but without all the polished furniture and expensive setting. He was a modest man after all. Whatever suited Will suited for him. Wherever it maybe, so long as they were together and into it.

But here they were just a few cloths away from being naked. Intentions practically obvious to anyone who’d see them together right now like this. Leo was honestly happy and eager. The heart inside his chest was running a marathon already.

Meanwhile, Will was…

“Alright, let’s get this over with,” he said it in the most disinterested way and hopped on bed. Slowly he was taking off his robe.

Leo sensed that something wasn’t right and reached for the man in front of him. “Wait, wait,” the older grabbed the cloth to just put it back on Will’s bare shoulder. The skin was soft when his palm brushed at it, if he could remark about it but now was not the time. “I know this is consensual between us but, seriously, did you have to look like you’re being forced to do this?”

Will shrugged and sat upright on bed, looking away from Leo’s questioning eyes. He spoked, “you saved me from before and this is the thanks you asked. I don’t like being indebted. So are we getting into it or not?”

Leo sighed and got off the bed to sit down the couch parallel to it. “Now see here. Just how many times do I have to tell you that I love you, Will? If I’m only getting your body and not your heart, I might as well not do this at all.”

“Then why the heck did you even ask for it in the first place?” Will’s usual irritable face was showing in. But something else was in there that Leo couldn’t put. Impatience? Annoyance? To get it over with or to not do it all?

“Only because I really wanted to show you I care. You don’t suppose that everyday a loved one gets kidnapped and threatened to be killed next by an enemy group, do you? I was scared to death!”

They both had the reminiscing moment that happened days ago with Leo’s Famiglia rival. As much as the next leader didn’t want any civilian to get implicated with the riff, the enemy had managed to take Will away and demanded for a complete dissolution of Colixe. Had he not thought of doing what he did, Leo might have ended up with both losing Colixe and Will together.

Never, he thought quietly to himself as he stared determinedly at the youg man in front of him. Won’t ever lose both. Never again.

Will’s upright position relaxed, sighing and spoke softly, “Yeah, I’m here alive and well, thanks to you. As I’ve said, I don’t want to be indebted to anyone. Not even to you. If going all the way with you is the only thing to even things out, I will do it.”

But Leo was just as stubborn as Will, saying, “Well, whether or not this one evens whatever, if it doesn’t have your heart, this deal is invalid.”

Will had the tired look on his face, as if the debate was wearing him out. They haven’t started on anything and he was already…

“Aren’t you surprisingly romantic?”

“Only to you, you know that.”

The Mafioso spoke too honestly for a man his age. It almost halved the resolve Will had. The younger one had somewhat expected that Leo would jump on his bone without a second thought. It had always been like that after all: Leo doing things his own ways without considerations to the student’s feelings. Leo was pushy, annoying and an idiot for even wanting him. Will was only a stiff president whose reputation was that of cold, aloof, undeniably responsible but… nothing more. What did this guy even see in him anyway after all this time?

The memory of Leo’s Uncle had once again haunted him, at the most inconvenient time of all. Anger was sipping through him, making him grip the sheets as he remembered the words that were bitten at him right after being rescued.

Leo will be a great leader and whatever he sees in you is probably just a fling. Child’s play. You’re not special as you think, kid. Don’t get too conceited because he is nice to you. Leo is like that to whatever he picks from the streets. Which reminds me, that kind of niceness will probably kill him too. Someday.

Just thinking about it somewhat made Will want to hurl. Not only did he feel this anger towards Leo’s Uncle, he felt anger to himself primarily. Leo was a mafia leader-to-be. A great man to his subordinates. Those too-happy henchmen around him at all times were too obvious of an indicator. He was pushy, annoying but ridiculously honest and determined. He could be an idiot 24/7 but Leo knew where his principles were and where he stood. For his famiglia and for himself. Will knew that much about the guy.

And that was precisely this thing between them could never work. Leo was just too far away from the world Will was living in. As much as Leo tried to bridge in the gap between, Will could never catch up no matter how much he took and ran the distance towards where Leo was.

Not that he was ever going to say it out loud.

Quietly he admitted that he could hold no significance in Leo’s world; that was what he was angry about.  He was a young boy trying to survive high school and Leo was due to lead a huge group of frightening men.

And he was not about to get his spirit and heartbroken just for it. As early as now, if he could, get this thing over between them and go on separately. Leo needed someone else for this “job”, should like…. no, love someone else, that was for sure.

The thought of it did not sit well, that his expression changed and belatedly realized that Leo had already got off the couch to sit close to him.

“You’ve gone quiet and are making strange faces.”

Will stuttered at that, backing away. “I wasn’t making faces…!”

“Go to sleep, Will. You need to get up for tomorrow’s Council duties, right?”

The frustration was rising up again. “And after all this time getting us into this place and for nothing? You are such a strange man. Where the heck did that pushy Leo go?”

Leo simply smiled and handed him a pillow like how a mother would do with his child before bedtime. “So long as you want it just as I want it, I won’t force you to do anything with me until then. Please remember that…” Leo went quiet to speak softly, “I do love you, Will. Don’t ever doubt that.”

He almost muttered a Shut Up but instead burrowed his face on the pillow. Leo took this opportunity to slip out the room and let the other be.

And Will didn’t know exactly what to feel after that. Leo loved him and didn’t want to force him. Neither to doubt the emotion. This could be so easy and stress-free if they were only playing or that Leo didn’t sound so serious when he said what he said.

But he did. Enough to make Will blush against the pillow. Had he already mentioned that his resolve was diminishing? Let thunder strike him for being swayed like this.

Surely the fluffy bed, yellow lights and great view of the window didn’t help anything at all in his situation now. Especially the tight, bothering feeling under his robe.

Yeah, sure, Leo. Be the Gentleman like what your mother taught you. And this happens when you restrain yourself. Good job.

Thank god for twin bedrooms, Leo thought as he was inches away to reaching underneath to touch himself. No one could probably blame his frustrated predicament, now that the person he wanted the most was just behind the door but couldn’t touch him. He sincerely did not want to force Will to anything.

And if it took to wait a bit longer, he’d do that. He was a patient man.

But above all, he was a man with needs and healthy sound body still. The thought of skins to explore and feel and mouth and tongue to kiss and taste had him bothered like no other. He had never felt this way before, never knew that Will – simply Will – could make this older man desire so much.

“Oh, man…”

His member was hard already against his palm, twitching at his ministrations and pumps. He was upright on bed, bathrobe pooling at his elbows, posture loose and breathing hard. His hand up hazardly worked the weeping length and the other hand tweaked a slowly hardening nipple. Leo tried to imagine that these touches were from Will – a huffing, hot man of equal desire for him. Leo tried to imagine that Will wanted to make the other feel good as much as the Mafioso wanted for him. Those rough pads of the fingers would toy the slit of his already aching length. Imagine Will’s fingers… on me…

It felt good. This could probably pass enough to quench his frustration for tonight. Both his nipples were red with rubbing – so piqued already, as well was his member that stood proud, twitching and hot. All that was left was to feel himself from behind; a finger prepared with lube slowly tracing the rim of his hole. The sweat running down on his face, his heaving chest and thighs was sticky but he paid no mind. He was going to feel good by himself in no time.

He wondered what will Will react if he saw him like this? Panting his name while he masturbated openly: unreserved and passionate. Then again, there was no way they would ever see each other like this.

Leo kinda spoke too soon.

The door swung open and Leo jumped to hear next, “You hadn’t fed me yet and you’re going to slee— OH MY GOD.”

There was no way he could hide the hand around his erected member now, could he? The embarrassment was enough for the leader-to-be to just run out and hide…. until he saw the reddening Will standing agape from the door.

And he thought of a brilliant game. Thank god for his quick thinking.

“Have you… ever done this before, Will?”

“W-what do you mean this? Of course I–

Leo was a standard comic kind of guy of day-by-day situation so mustering a sexy voice and look might probably make him appear like an awkward-sexy clown. Oh well. He would see if his seducing skills would work, especially on someone stubborn and uptight like Will. After all, they were both men we needs, right?

Will looked like he was at any time going to bail but Leo immediately added, with a husky voice, “No, I mean with audience like this? Being viewed doesn’t feel so bad… it actually feels… hnngh.”

This had got to be the most scandalous thing they both got themselves into. Leo was undeniably getting into it and he damn hoped so was Will.

And it seemed like Will was, if the tent underneath his robe wasn’t a dead giveaway. Leo immediately hoped off the bed, standing bared and exposed, and corned Will against the door’s threshold.

“Will, may I?” Leo’s eyes darted below, pointing. His hands found there way to Will’s cheeks to caress them and the other on the robe’s ropes. Will didn’t say anything but he gulped and simply closed his eyes. Even if he did want to control his breathing, his mouth was opened and panting quite hard.

So Leo took this a sign of a yes. An anxious yes but more willing than earlier. He’d make sure to relish this moment and make Will feel so good – so good that the younger would want more thereafter.

The fluffy robe was opened to reveal grey briefs… and an erected crotch. It was really cute, Leo thought, kneading the muscle through the fabric and seeing glimpses of Will biting his lips. Leo was guessing that Will didn’t want to look like he was starting to enjoy it but he was ready to knock down those defenses and seek out the needy-wanton persona from this uptight student.

He slipped his hand inside the cloth and touched the skin, damp and really hard and did a few rubbing before pulling the undergarment down. While doing so, he was navigating them both to the nearest soft place – the couch he sat on inside Will’s room before they started this. Resting on his back, he made Will sit on him with cock exposed and briefs hanging on his thighs. The student was really red – a blushing tomato – and Leo would want to kiss those chapped lips already.

And so he did, passionately, greedily and hungrily. His tongue darted inside the shy mouth and danced with the other, feeling the wet muscles and saliva between them. Will tasted mint, an indication he brushed his teeth earlier. Mmmm.

Leo was so hard against him but was busy toying with the length presented before the older one – already leaking with seed but it was too soon to let him come. He’d really rather they extend this foreplay a bit longer. So after the mouth was worshiping the neck, nipping and biting on sensitive skin. The pulse against his lips told him that Will’s heart was running twice than normal. Good. Because Leo felt the same. Their breathing were getting louder, more unrestrained. The exploring mouth descended even further, latching on an unsuspecting nipple and licked it.

Will finally moaned, arching his back. He was responding greatly, Leo thought gleefully. Didn’t know that he liked his nipples to be played with. Let’s see…

With licking came suckling, as if the older was having himself a delightful sweet. The sounds his mouth was making with the wet tip was lewd and sexy and he couldn’t stop eating the already saturated nipple. His attention switched to the neglected one, showering it with equal attention and toyed it with. The tip of his tongue teasing the tip as well… ah, his own crotch was aching with attention now.

Will was panting above him, sounds of moan vibrating from his throat. His grip on Leo’s hair was hurting but the latter didn’t mind and continued his ministrations. Will felt the wet trails on his tummy and unconsciously shifted to kneel on the couch, his elbows on the edge and his crotch just a few distance from that hot mouth. He was hell embarrassed in his very exposed position but his cloudy mind was consumed with pleasure and he needed more. His own aching member needed attention.

Now both have their wavelengths in sync.

“Nice view…” Leo said, huffing a hot breath against Will’s erection.

“Shut up…”

“But I don’t want to,” Leo murmured before descending his hungry mouth around a perky cock. He bobbed his head up and down, his tongue messily making saliva trails on the length and one free hand played with the weights of Will’s sacs. And the taste of Will, finally, had the Mafioso on edge that the latter’s own erection doubled. Leo couldn’t stop bobbing his head, couldn’t stop worshiping the rock-hard cock and couldn’t helped himself humming in pleasure that the vibration from his throat tickled Will.

“S-stop…” Will gasped; his grip on the back rest and on Leo’s head was so painful. He gulped, trying to find his bearing as his neck snapped back in pleasure. “I mean, s-slow down, i-idio–ah…!”

The slapping sound of wet skin and mouth was loud and echoing, it almost pared with both men’s hard breathing enveloping the room. As much as he tried to hold it down, Will couldn’t stop the moans he was making, especially when his most sensitive part was being touched like this. This was… blowjob, wasn’t it? Damn hell he had no idea it felt this crazy good.

“Need… to… prep.. you–” Leo managed to say between kissing the younger one’s balls. The older ended his erotic ministration with the tip of his tongue on Will’s cock’s slit, lapping and tasting the pre-come.

Soon after, Will found himself manhandled to their next spot: the bed. His own bed.

“W-w-wait, did you actually bring something? I don’t know how to…”

“Just get on your stomach with your hips high and butt open.” And Leo spoke like it wasn’t the most embarrassing thing to do.

“N-NO WAY I’M DOING THAT!” Will almost pulled a blanket to cover himself up but…


That needy look on Leo’s face, plus the heaving and sweating chest, attentive erection and tousled hair… how could Will say no to this suddenly-sexy man in front of him? Surely he was trying to convince himself that he was only being swayed by the mood they were in now but in the back of his head, Will knew that he really wanted to do more: to be more exposed, to be more inhibited and to be more shameless.

Was it because of Leo…? Or simply the rush of biological needs? His head was muzzled with hot pleasure; his own erection was throbbing unbearably hard again.


He did what he was told; he was on elbows, face pressed on a soft pillow and he tried watching the older man at the corner of his eyes. The warm yellow light had shown him the glistened chest and stomach, trimmed waist and just below was… hnngh.

And Leo’s face disappeared. Will didn’t know what to expect next but he thought that a finger would touch him. It was something else.

“..S-shit.. what are y-you… ahh..”

It was wet and wriggly, obviously energetic and warm. The tongue that teased his rim was lapping the surrounding skin and one hand had worked on his length; the pumping in timed with the mouth that worked his hole.

“Leo…! Leo…!!” Will gasped against the sheets; he couldn’t see what was done to him but felt his hole kissed and licked, as if Leo was preparing him with a good amount of saliva-turned-lubed. And that hand that worked on his length got even more erratic and fast.

“So.. good..” The man at his behind moaned, slurping up the tasty hole and darting his tongue in and out, mimicking what was soon to be thrust inside — bigger and harder than his own excited tongue. For now Leo concentrated on loosing up the younger as his fingers toyed the cock’s slit again. Will was undeniably thrashing in blind lust.

Soon after Leo turned Will’s body, facing his naked, heaving front of him. Without warning, he positioned himself, finding leverage on both hands on bed and pulling the waist towards him as Leo pushed inside the ringed muscle.

Will moaned; his head snapping to the right, Adam’s Apple bobbing and one hand gripping the sheets. It wasn’t until seconds later that he realized that Leo had finally entered him. He was inside of him.

“Oh.. god.. I feel so…”


The younger one moaned again, unconsciously moving his hips. “It should be illegal to have a monster dick.”

“I’m taking that as a compliment.”

Leo hauled Will up to his chest, making the younger man sit on him and he started to thrust in and out, in sync with Will’s hip movement. They were both moving, melting on each other’s damp skin and hot breaths. The slapping sounds of flesh against flesh, bed creaking from erratic movements and grunts and moans were the melodies Leo drowned himself into. In the back of his head he thought and hoped that Will was enjoying this as much as he was enjoying it. Having to make love with the person you love the most, seeing them in a lustful, wanton mess and hearing them beg for more… it was as if all his birthdays were wrapped in a bow of a handsome Will.

Leo thrust deeper and harder, enough for Will to stop in his own movement and fall back to bed in a hazy stupor. Leo took this chance to position with one hand on the headboard for leverage and the other clasping Will’s hand tightly… before thrusting in and out with all of his might like their lives depended on it.

The creaks were louder, so was Will’s gasps and moans while his bundle of nerves was hit again and again with waves of pleasures. Leo was unstoppable, going faster pushing his own erection inside of Will, slightly pulling it out only pushing it back again. And again. And again. The seconds wore on with only the sounds of wet skins rubbing and slapping and their breathings loud and clear.

“Leo…! I’m– I’m——- gnhnnnnngh….”

And Will finally released his seed, reaching as far as on Leo’s chest and stomach, dripping down on the erection that was inside of him. Soon after Leo followed, coming inside Will in a throaty moan.

He knew Will was no morning person… neither he was a pleasant person when woken up (much of these experiences were based from the times he “invited” himself inside Will’s home… only to be beaten up after).

So as gently as he could, Leo cooed at him to drink water and have food (because it was already past ten in the morning) and got a growl in return.

Leo was expecting the younger one to burrow even further under the sheets but surprisingly Will sat up in minutes and dazed minutes more. His hair looked like they were tossed pasta — all over his face and some sticking up. The Mafioso also noted the bared chest downwards: once spotless and acres of fresh skin now peppered with lovebites on questionable places. Will just might wig out the second he’d see those.

“How are you feeling? Hungry? There are left over breakfast since I ordered this morning.” Leo said considerately. He was kind of hoping Will would eat because last night was, well….

“I feel like my hips are screaming profanities at me. And so does my stomach.”

Leo sat on the bed. He was almost beaming sunshine and excitement just to have Will so close to him like this. He grinned, “So let’s eat then?”

He made his face closer – as if planning to kiss him – only to have Leo falling back the floor from being pushed to the face that his nose almost bent. That hurt a lot but, god, that felt normal. For the two of them.

“What are you trying to do so early in the morning, pervert.” Will huffed and stuffed a pillow at the grinning face.  Leo welcomed that painful endearment with open arms and smiled even more.

Today was a step forward to a more passionate relationship.

“Ugh. Wipe that look on your face. It’s gross.”


Will & Leo, Mafia Mayhem: an original gay story by Messo Sizouze.
March 2013


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