Music Challenge Collection I

Music: Innocence | Vocaloid

The sun was high up there, beautiful. Refreshingly brilliant. I wanted to take you with me, see the places and feel the breeze. I’d hold your hand and lead you to spectrum of colored melodies of crowd and pleasantries. We’d be shy at first, as if we were on a first date… but not exactly since we went out a few times before. This time, however, was extra special because I’d be even more aware how your eyes shone with the sun — starlike and diamond. I’d be aware how our palms slid right to each other and faintly hear the synchronicity of my heart with yours. Today I planned not to forget and make sure for you to remember. With me. This innocence together.


Run. Run as fast as you can. Breathe, gasp. In the end you are trapped.

No matter where you turn, no matter where. Like a butterfly caught in my web.

Tangled, restrained. Just how I want you with me.

The fright from your voice — the trembles and the shakes. Like music in my ears.

Resisting is no use. We are meant after all.

Even if I have to pull you towards me, all this time… all this time since then. I’ll take you on a superdrive.

Music: No Other | Super Junior

The chorus rang in the air, as if the melody danced with the wind and spread the upbeat feel towards the crowd. You looked wonderful in that white dress; on a carpeted aisle with bouquet on your hands. Pristine and beautiful.

The piano continued enveloping the venue with soft tunes and along with the whispers of my acknowledgement and encouragement. Your smile was radiant from where I sat playing the instrument, perhaps telling me that the music I composed was to your liking. I hope it was. There was no other like it.

Music: Hot Summer | F(X)

The beach was no getaway for you — especially when it was all scorching sun, itchy sand and salty sea. You were no fan of the ocean since drowning before because your uncle thought you were the great swimmer at the age of ten. Eight years after, you were still in awful terms with the water. Who could blame you really.

Perhaps today would be different? You thought hopefully… only to shake your head and serve drinks like you intended to do so since coming here.

Today was definitely a hot summer.

True Eyes | STEAL!

He didn’t know what he got himself to. But he knew what he needed to do.

Tight clothes, gun on his right, gloves and goggles. A great thievery was about to unfold.

The duplicated keys opened the right doors to where the prize was — a beloved painting hanged inside a very popular museum. He was to get it. He needed it. Prepared for months for it. It was, after all, a painting of his deceased father.

And it belonged to him. No one else did.

But this was no easy feat; the room was fully guarded with cameras and traps. The painting by the end of the hallway beckoned his help, as if it was tearfully asking for freedom. For not any longer, he thought resolutely while making his way to the narrow path. Expertly dodging to not set off the alarms; it took only 15 seconds for him to come face to face with an artwork he knew too well since he was a child.

A voice halted him, coming from somewhere he knew not where.

“You. For the longest time I’ve been on to you. Your true eyes can’t miss out what’s yours… as what mine does as well.”

The alarm had set off. The chase had begun.

Music: Tactics | Rurouni Kenshin

Lost little lamb? In these streets of running rats, leaking pumps and sinister men? Why look so serious amongst the sniggers of watchers and hooded men? Little lamb, I warn thee to not get yourself even further down the road. Stains of red are the color of the lamps, howls and screams are the anthems sung here. Stay any longer and no one would no where you’d be in the next three hours.

Little lamb, don’t make me take you. Even as you whisper protection, the only person who could protect you is yourself. But perhaps I’m a good person? I’ll play you around like a wonderful game piece; to have you move to the tactics that I conjure.

Little lamb, you are mine. Now.

Music: Crimson Lustre | CIRQ REGAL

The land stretched as far as the eyes could see. Bluer than sapphire, higher than the tallest mountain, the skies were the vast ocean up above. Unreachable. Ever changing. Beautiful with each passing stars, moon and sun.

The only ones who knew of this majestic scenery was a kingdom hidden from the modern. A kingdom of rich culture, resources and knowledge. A kingdom ran by eight siblings of varying differences – the Mime, the Doll, the Freak, the Wild, the Acrobat, the Illusionist, the Clown and the Pyro. Unified under the contract of Cirq Regal, divided by its notable identity.

Today would different from yesterday; these siblings would always make sure that a day would go as unpredictable as their personalities would allow. It would be monochromatic, lifeless, crazy, uncontrollable, shining, mystifying, joyful and fiery — either of these would occur in unsuspecting manners. They were, after all, the royal identities of the kingdom. No day would be the same, as it was ever since.

And when enemies from neighboring countries would ever drift to their territories to try conquering the land, carnival mayhem would ensue. These princes and princesses took pleasure of removing the obstacle that hinder the peace within the kingdom — they’d blind them, string them, contort them, eat them, push them off, destroy their minds, hurt them and burn them. No one said they were as kind as they appeared, the amount of fun they did was twice as much the pain they made sure to inflict. Alluring frightful, the kingdom remained unscathed until one of them would fall… until a crimson lustre would fade into the ocean skies.



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