Heart Synchronocity

Title: Heart Synchronicity
Summary: …When you hear a repeated drum inside your ear, it wasn’t only just your heart giving out signals, so was your fated one.

Synchronicity was one of the few things to determine relativity and passion — You heard somewhere. A way of knowing who was the one fated for you and how close this person was within your proximity. It was when you hear heart beats as tuned as with yours — during a casual stroll, or a ride on a transit, or even a visit to public places. When you hear a repeated drum inside your ear, it wasn’t only just your heart giving out signals, so was your fated one. The closer the person, the louder it got. Like a sweet record of music. One couldn’t simply ignore the tune inside the head and it was because the heart was made to react like so. Heart Synchronicity.

Ah, but you wouldn’t believe much about it, would you: to brush it off as nagging noises inside your mind, or it was because you were about to engage in a job interview that your chest was tighter than normal. Stories like Heart Synchronicity would have been romantic during your college years but now you couldn’t afford day dreaming about fated partners and proximity. Reality told you that now was the time for responsibilities and careers.

You were left deciding to completely ignore the ringing inside of you, no matter how it got more buzzing. You had more important things to think of: the family back home, little siblings to take to school, food on the table—

“Are you okay? You look quite ill.”

Did the sound tripled inside your mind? The water extended for you made you look at the person offering. An applicant like you, perhaps? Sensitive, it would seem.  Quite receptive, you inwardly added. Taking the offered drink and willfully trying to calm down. The smile you saw didn’t leave those lips as you settled down.

You heard louder heart beats and thought ridiculous of it next. Anxiety seemed to fondly play with you, at a time as important as this. You wondered if you could excuse yourself for today and be interviewed some other time? No, that would be unprofessional. You needed to this. You needed a job.

“You’re nervous, eh? Me too,” the applicant next to you started; his face all but told a previous sleepless night and slight rumpled collar shirt. “I hope to finally get into this and start working.”

“For your family, maybe?”

Somehow the noise died down, slowly turning into audible beats. Fast paced but recognizably heart beats. You were supposed to hear your own but somehow you heard another.

“…Yeah, something like that.”

For a moment you paused, curious, and asked, “What position do you hope to get?”


The call from the Secretary’s post made the people inside the room start; you heard a name being called but it wasn’t yours. It was the person next to you. Politely he gave a nod and smiled a tensed but determined smile. Watching his back to the door, you thought for a second his answer to your question.

And then the once drumming inside your head began to fade; a faint sound of drumming growing smaller and smaller. It was still there, but barely audible. Like a whisper amidst crowd voices. You wondered what that meant and thought back of Heart Synchronicity.

You didn’t believe such thing.

Or so you were determined for it, until the sight of the previous applicant had the sound ringing inside of you again. Louder, louder until he was right in front of you with a grin from ear to ear.

“I’m getting a second interview!” He exclaimed like an excited pup, awarded with a bone to chew. And his glee was extended to yours, converted into strength when he added, “I’m sure you will do good too! I hope to work with you!”

Now the drumming echoed and you wondered where the other sound had gone off. You didn’t hear two heart beats anymore. Just a resounding one – an orchestraic, melodic shift you didn’t expect.

“Uh, do you hear that?”

You blinked, “hear what?”

“I don’t know… like thump thump…”

He was doing these hand gestures, it almost made you chuckle.

“I’m not sure I’m getting you.”

But you actually did but spoke nothing of it. Since you didn’t believe in Heart Synchronicity, you didn’t really expect him to hear what you heard. There was no such thing.

It just couldn’t be.

Or could it?


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