[POEM] When Realities Collide

When Realities Collide

Though the horizon is what I see,
my being yearns for else to be.

This time exists to tell a tale
of a story I must prevail.
But the heart knows it seeks another,
the soul belongs to no other;

Now, till later on,
I have, but no choice, to embrace,
and to go much further on my own.

But I dream of a reality,
of a reality I wish to exist.
To go away from where I am,
to forgo all and everything else.

But the present shall not have it.
I am pulled back to it.
To remind the self I am here,
that I live for a reason, it seems to be.

So this hand I see, my own to use,
to make the present I desire with my muse.



    • Oh, yes. I get myself quite a inner-predicament of losing myself from this reality when I think of wanting to be somewhere else.

      Then again, I am reminded that I can perhaps make the reality I want to be in.

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