It Begins and Ends Being Pinned

It Begins and Ends Being Pinned
Just a normal day in the Office of Existence, where Life and Fate work hand-in-hand.
Rating: PG/AU, Slice of Life

The newest one was placed somewhere on “Asia,” where a family needed a new child. This family prayed, wished and hoped for a boy and Life really wanted to make it all happen. He picked out the cutest, simplest push-pin and tacked it on The Map, precisely where the family resides on Japan. From where he stood, he was at awe.

In time, the child would come; a boy who the family prayed for in years. He would have placed a note under the pin for specifications based on the family’s wants but there was none of it. To which he was glad. One cannot specify traits or personalities for someone. It is against the Rule of Existence after all.

“Have you been listening to the answering machine all day again?” Fate asked when he entered through the door, ever observant at the slight difference on The Map. “Oh, you placed one on Japan? Do you even speak Japanese?”

“Does it matter?” Life said; his face towards the massive collection of push-pins on Europe, America, Australia and other remaining continents. All push-pins were of different colors, placed on different countries, up to the smallest town there was; a push-pin that told a being… that told a soul.

A push-pin that was a symbol of man, placed on The Map – a very massive image mounted on the wall. No place was unlisted, no area unnoted. Everything was in there.

“This is the only thing we can do,” Life continued as he walked along the wall, eyeful for any loose push-pins. “We can bring joy to humans who prayed for another life to be with them. And why so uptight, Fate? You’re the one who brings one push-pin next to another.”

Fate shrugged, following Life as they scanned The Map. So far, all was well and in order.

“Yeah, well, I’ve been getting emails of it. Humans are impatient when it comes to “wanting something to happen” to them. I don’t know. A lot of it will happen in due time but they’re really, ugh.”

“They are not perfect, Fate.” Life said fondly, remembering that he tacked five push-pins on the Singapore for a group of friends who would one day meet. But for now, those five would grow and learn by themselves, individually, until then.

“I know. That’s why I grant their wishes but changed it somewhat. We would want to surprise them, right?”

“Surprises are nice. Can you imagine things happening to them in patterns? That would be terrible.” Life sighed, head shaking. He really didn’t like boring and controlled stuff like that.

“Exactly. Humans would pray for the cliche things they see but nothing beats experiencing a whole new different thing.”

The two stopped their walking to see a little empty spot in the country of Spain. What had been there were two push-pins of blue and grey. It was nearly two years ago – but two days of this office’s time – they pinned two push-pins together.

“Loose push-pins…” Fate whispered, sadly. “Do you see where they fell?”

“We can never see where they fell, Fate. No matter how much we looked for it.”

“Those two were good pals.” Fate turned, deciding to inspect the opposite side the wall and not wanting to relish the depressing moment. Inwardly, Fate felt the sting of pain of knowing Death dropping by without notice to take out several push-pins from The Map. Sometimes one, when she was feeling too generous. More often than not, she could take out more all at once, delightfully plucking them out like petals.

It was something they couldn’t do about it. Even the security lock didn’t stop Death in visiting their office and doing her thing. Fate could almost hear her cackles in his head, as she took pins off one by one. He wasn’t an ounce pleased by it.

“Can’t you like, tell her off or something? That woman… ”

Life shook his head, taking several push-pins on his palm and cradling them. “You know I can’t. Under the Rule of Existence, Death is with me, whether I liked it or not.”

“Life and Death in matrimony, how ironic.”

“She makes the remaining time precious to them.” Life opened his palm to Fate, smiling. No signs of angriness or even spiteful; just acceptance and understanding. And the bundle of push-pins on his hands, gleaming, small and rainbow in color. “Now, go back to your computer and read those emails, okay? These push-pins couldn’t pin themselves without you. Come back when you decided on what to put where.”

“Fine, okay.”

Life nodded; he’d be doing the same thing.

It was back to work; Life went inside his cubicle to see a hundred voicemails and Fate scanning through suddenly a thousand of emails. Times like this made them busy and they weren’t complaining at all. The office was busy with just the two of them in there, with push-pins that sat silently on the table. Soon, those push-pins would be of use. For sure.



There’s your regular office with regular workers. Only, Life and Fate (and occasionally Death) ain’t your regular people. They handle man’s existence with utmost professionalism. While Life dictates where to put push-pins on The Map (aka, the world), Fate is in charge of making things happen after being born.

Communication is pretty much what we have now: phones, internet and computer. What humans pray and wish for (whether this be verbalized or not) are sent as data. Fate gets these data and jumbles it up for more “fun and interesting events” to happen. It is quite understandable that Life and Fate aren’t fond of simple, boring things.

Push-pins are made of different colors (and of size and shape, sometimes). Since they are the depiction of human, the color tells personality and individuality. No push-pins are the same in design. Ever.

However, as all things are, there’s no such thing as forever. Death is the office’s resident surprise visitor. She has no qualms for letting anyone know she’s coming and simply takes the push-pin off The Map. She has reasons as well. That is why the higher-ups are not reprimanding her.

Relationship-wise, Life is with Death, whether Fate finds that a little bit bizarre.

The time in the office is very much different than the world’s time. A minute is equivalent to a day, an hour to a year, etc. Well, something like that. — Messo Sizouze


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